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Red, White, and Blue ...... Goes Green

Americans are increasingly interested in building green -- but what exactly does that mean?

"First and foremost, it means reducing the demands that your house will put on energy, water, and natural resources, while improving the comfort for its residents”. "Building a green home means making environmentally preferable decisions throughout the building process so you can reduce the initial impact, reduce pollution -- and help to conserve our natural resources for years to come."

Green Home Tips

Ask for more details on the model of the home you wish to build, such as "how much less fuel" does it consume and "how much money" you will save.

Building plans for a sustainable house also include:

  • Efficient high performance windows
  • Efficient air distribution with ducts effectively insulated
  • Efficient climate control for heating and cooling
  • Efficient water heating equipment
  • Efficient lighting

Our modular homes are ENERGY STAR compliant.  ENERGY STAR is a government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.
Be sure to inquire about the ENERGY STAR rebate program!

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