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Set & Weather Program

The Set & Weather Program is designed for the customer with a strong construction knowledge. Using your skills, friends, and family in the trades, you could save up to 50% with your own sweat labor equity.

Through this Set & Weather Program, the customer is the general contractor and American Dreams, Inc. partners with you to be a model set subcontractor.

American Dreams, Inc. meets with you and our supplier and we coordinate the ordering of your dream home. We transport and erect your home on your foundation. Your home is erected in two days or less and is weather tight with approximately 80% of the home completed. From this point on you complete the balance of the work and take your home to the finished turnkey product.

American Dreams Inc. Set & Weather Program includes the following:

  • Provide a complete set of blueprints.
  • Pay for all costs to transport home to the customerís construction site.
  • Provide crane and set home and/or panels on the customerís foundation.
  • Secure home to the foundation.
  • Bolt center beam, install customer provided supports down the center of the home.
  • Tie in the roof ridges, complete roofing and cap peak.
  • Seal openings between sections.
  • Provide all factory materials and ship loose items as noted.

Customerís responsibility Set & Weather Program includes the following but not limited to:

  • Acquire all necessary permits.
  • Excavation and foundation.
  • Install sill plate.
  • Floor and/or foundation insulation (customer supplies the material)
  • Fasten and align overhangs.
  • Install collar ties, 9/12 and 12/12 pitch roofs.
  • Adjust windows and/or doors if required.
  • Install gable end siding, trim, soffit and fascia shipped loose from the factory.
  • Install interior stairs/railing on select floorplans shipped loose from the factory.
  • Interconnect plumbing between first and second floor (customer supplies the materials).
  • Install all plumbing in crawl space/basement.
  • Interconnect electrical between modules.
  • Complete drywall and repair any shipping drywall cracks.
  • Customer completes the painting.
  • Customer seams the carpet.
  • Install doors and trim along marriage walls shipped loose from factory.
  • Install HVAC system
  • Install rain gutters (customer supplies the materials)

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